Image processing technology
BHS owns a team of professional engineers in camera imaging, including camera application, camera tuning and camera driver. Besides, BHS provides solutions that make camera performance reach a higher level, comparable to famous brand of camera module
    Some typical technologies are
  • AI Camera
  • sMacro
  • sMoment
  • sNight
Software technology
BHS provides comprehensive software support to customers, including software design, development and modification
Smart devices all support Android and Linux versions with deep customization capabilities based on the original operating system with high security features. This results in a much better user experience in terms of power consumption, memory optimization, games, video and audio. Especially support personal editing according to customer requirements
Antenna technology
BHS owns a team of antenna design engineers with many years of experience, capable of antenna design, testing and mass production
Security Technology
No smartphone company can integrate anti-theft technology into hardware like BHS. With other smartphones, crooks only need to restore the factory settings to be able to jailbreak the phone, but with Bphone it is not possible.
Highly Advance Features:
  • Blockchain Phone
  • Lock device
  • No spam call, No spam message
  • Safe data