About us
BHS belongs to Bkav Group with a team of experienced personnel and experts who have participated in nearly 20 years of developing from household products, smart home (SmartHome), to high-tech products such as Smartphone, AI camera.
BHS is a multi-field technology solution provider including Mobile devices, IoT products, AI devices, smart network devices, etc. and provides a solution capable of complete system integration in terms of software, hardware. BHS develops SOM (System on Module), KIT modules with the main foundation of SoC (System on Chip) technology of leading chipset vendors such as Qualcomm, Media Tek, etc. to reduce costs and time product development for customers. In addition, BHS provides Turnkey services including Industrial - Mechanical - Electronics design, Firmware, Software, Tuning, Testing, Manufacturing.
Key Milestones:
2003: Participated in the field of Equipment Manufacturing. Hardware Design department was established.
2005: The first Smarthome device was created
2006: Launched a line of high-end smarthome devices with smart control panels
2009: Began to engage in the development and production of smartphone devices.
2012: Launched a total integrated system software solution for smarthome.
2014: Become a license of Qualcomm
2015: Launched Bphone 2015 - The first high-end smartphone
2017: Launched Bphone 2017
2018: Launched Bphone 2018
2019: Launched the world's first AI Camera product using Qualcomm chipset
2020: Launched Bphone B86 with intelligent AI feature
2021: BHS was established