QCS605 AI Box
The QCS605 AI Box is an edge computing device that uses the Qualcomm QCS605 chip. With AI Box, users can upgrade their existing monitoring devices into an AIoT smart system.
QCS605 AI Box is equipped with SoC Octa-Core based on Qualcomm Visual Intelligence Platform, AI technology and processing engine of GPU Adreno 615, Spectra ISP and Hexagon DSP. AI Box supports hardware acceleration for deep research, powerful image computing capabilities, and edge computing performance that can optimize AI image processing
Powerful decoding ability
Powerful performance chipset
QCS605 AIbox is equipped with Octa-Core SoC based on Qualcomm Intelligent Image Processing Platform, AI technology and processing engine of Adreno 615 GPU, Spectra ISP and Hexagon DSP
Compact design
Industrial design with fanless design, can use a wide temperature range.
Smart Industry

Flat panel detects inspection (manufacture screens)

Wafer cell inspection (manufacture Chip)

Check the Panel on the PCB board. (Manufacture electronic circuit boards)

Smart Building

Face Recognition

Mask detection

Smoking detection

Emotion prediction

Age/Gender prediction

People counting

Intrusion detection

Smart Traffic

Drowsiness & fatigue detection

Distraction monitoring

Calling detection

Smoking detecting

Gaze Tracking

Lane departure warning

License plate recognition

Smart Worksite

Face Recognition

Safety helmet detection

Safety uniform detection

Intrusion detection

Trailing detection

Boundary detection

Violence detection