QCS610/QCS410 SOM is a compact and powerful solution for advanced visual intelligence applications.
The SOM provides a platform for the full evaluation of the Qualcomm® QCS610/QCS410 SoC with a built-in Neural Processing Engine for on-device edge AI capabilities. It offers tight system integration and optimization for superior performance and power management with multiple connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.0. The native Ethernet interface is also facilitated for reliable high-speed connectivity.
The SOM is suitable for all the visual intelligence applications and performs the analytics on the edge without the power of the cloud. Some of the applications include intelligent surveillance, smart retail, 180° dual-camera stitching, advanced tracking algorithms, video conferencing system, AI connected cameras, driver monitoring system (DMS), automotive, etc and many more.
Product Features
Android Platform
With software architecture and advanced toolchain
Multithreading connection
AV Frame with APIs for multi-channel audio/video stream encoding
Built-in AI
On-device intelligence powered by Qualcomm's artificial intelligence engine
Powerful Chipset
QCS610/QCS410 SOM is equipped with Octa-Core SoC based on Qualcomm Intelligent Image Processing Platform
Ai Camera
Online videos
Surveillance camera
Panoramic camera
Dash Camera
Edge Computing